(EN) Regulamin Wyjazdu Integracyjnego – Regulations for Integration Meeting

Bears of Poland Association


These Regulations determine the rules of participation in the Integration Meeting, hereinafter referred to as the MEETING, which takes place from 31/05/2018 to 03/06/2018 at the „ODYS” Resort Centre – Tresna, ul. Nad Jeziorem 99; 34-311 Czernichów tel. +48338661076 hereinafter referred to as the Center


1. The trip and meeting are organized by the Bears of Poland Association with its registered office in Warsaw, ul. Odkryta 65B / 23; e-mail: stowarzyszenie@bearsofpoland.pl, hereinafter referred to as: Organiser.

2. The person representing the Organiser is Rafał Pisarek tel. +48 728 66 33 12 hereinafter referred to as the Person Responsible in brief the PR.

3. The participants of the Meeting should be adults. The event is organised primarily for the members of the Association and, secondly, people from outside of the Association, its sympathisers, hereinafter referred to as the Participant.

4. The PR together with the Organiser sets the rules for the admission of participants, approves the list of participants and invited guests for the Meeting.

5. The Organiser may refuse to accept a candidate for a trip without giving a reason, especially in the case of:
• the lack of free places at the Meeting premices,
• the lack of payment on scheduled time for the trip by the Participant


• The Participant to be registered for the Meeting should fill in the application form and pay in advance 50 PLN or the full fee for the Meeting. It should be done within 3 days from the date of filling in the application form.
• A link to the application form can be found here.
• Filling out the application form and making the payment means that the Participants read and understand the Regulations and information about the Meeting on the Organiser’s website. This means that the Participant also understands and fully accepts all conditions of the premises of the Centre, where the Meeting will be carried out, and the fee for the Meeting.
• Information about the Meeting is acailable at:  https://bearsofpoland.pl/pl/2018/01/10th-annual-bear-event-tresna-may-31st-june-3rd/
• Information about the Centre and its premises is available at: http://www.hotelodys.pl/
• The fee for the Meeting is:
– 450 PLN – for non-members of the Bears of Poland Association
– 375 PLN – for the Bears of Poland Association members

• The travel fee does not include an optional coach trip scheduled for Saturday 02/06/2018.
• Participant pays a single or advance payment in a maximum of five monthly installaments. Advance payments should be made in the period from January 1 to May 15, 2018.
• The participant is obliged to pay the entire fee for the Meeting until 15/05/2018.
• Payments must be transfered to the account of the Bears of Poland Association, SWIFT/BIC: RCBWPLPW account no. PL14 1750 0012 0000 0000 3867 5206. Title of payment must include name and surname of the participant including postscript “Payment for Bear Meeting 2018″
• In case of necessity to resign from the Meeting due to different reasons, the Partcicipant is obliged to notify the PR no later than 15 days before the start of the Meeting, otherwise the declarative Participant loses 100% of the payments.


1. The organizer reserves the right to cancel the Meeting.
2. In case when the Meeting is cancelled due to the fault of the Organiser, the Organiser returns the paid amount to the Participants.
3. In case of cancellation of the Meeting due to chance events, the Organiser claims the right to return the payments reduced by the costs of the money already spent.


1. Corrrectly paid Meeting fee gives the participant a guarantee for:
• Full board (from late dinner on Thursday to breakfast on Sunday)
• Accommodation in bungalows. In double or triple rooms.
• Participation in training and recreation activities.
• Participation in integration events.

2. The fee for the Meeting does not include an optional coach trip scheduled for Saturday 02/06/2018.


1. The Organiser during the Meeting provides the Participants with NNW insurance.
2. „General Conditions of NNW Insurance at Warta Insurance Company are available at:


1. The Participant of the Meeting should take care and respect the subject of the Centre’s premises, property and also the property of other Participants of the Meeting. The Participant shoul also respect and take care of the equipment shared for common use, should take care for cleanliness, and respect and protect nature.
2. In the event of the destruction or loss of the property of the Centre, the Organiser or other Participant, both intentionally and unintentionally, the guilty Participant covers the damage based on the valuation made by the Centre or the Organiser.


1. Participants accommodated in allocated room take an obligation to pass the room undisturbed and intact on the last day of the Meeting.
2. Participants who notice damage in their accommodation rooms are obliged to immediately report them to the reception of the Centre, just to avoid any responsibility for causing them.

§ 9

During the Meeting the Organiser and the PR do not take any care or responsibility for the Participant and his property, in particular they do not bear responsibility for the property left in the Centre, where the Meeting is organised.


The participant takes part in training and recreational activities and integration events on his own will and on his own responsibility.


The Participant bears full legal and financial responsibility for any damage caused by his own fault, both intensional or unintentional.


In case of reduced time of stay at the Meeting, which is not due to the Organiser’s fault, the Participant is not entitled to a refund.


The participant is obliged to inform the Organiser or the PR about planned early departure.


The Participant of the Meeting by accepting these regulations declares that his state of health allows him to participate in the Meeting.


1. Staying in the Centre of non-Participants is strictly forbidden.
2. Participants who invite non-Participants without prior knowledge and permission given by the Organiser will be punished:
• By giving a reminder or rebuke from the Organiser or the PR
• By disciplinary removal from the Meeting, in which case the Organiser will not refund the participation costs.


The participant agrees to comply with the Regulations of the Integration Meeting and the Regulations of the Centre, in which the Meeting is organized. When the ordinances and recommendations given by the Organiser or the PR are not respected or the rules and regulations are not obeyed by the Participants, or when Participant’s behaviour canot be acepted these Participants can be punished:
• By giving a reminder or rebuke from the Organiser or the PR
• by disciplinary removal from the Meeting, in which case the Organiser will not refund the participation costs.


The participant has the right to participate in training and recreational activities as well as participation in integration events organized by the Organiser during the trip.


It is strictly forbidden to posses, use, consume and distribute illegal narcotic drugs (including, among others, drugs, psychoactive substances) by Participants of the Meeting and to possess white weapons, firearms and other dangerous tools.


1. The Participant of the Meeting agrees for publication of his image in the materials promoting the Bears of Poland Association.
2. The participant is not entitled for any compensation for the above-mentioned publications.


1. The Participant of the Meeting agrees for processing of their personal data for the purposes necessary for the implementation and organisation of the Meeting – in accordance with the Act on Personal Data Protection (Journal of Laws of 2016, item 922, as amended).
2. The participant acknowledges that providing personal data is voluntary, but necessary to participate in the event.


The Organiser reserves the right to change the Meeting programme.


The Organiser decides in disputable matters. In matters not covered by the above Regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code shall apply.


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