Last year we didn’t manage to check whether the name of the Warsaw city comes from its legendary founders: the fisherman Wars and his wife Sawa, or rather… his boyfriend Sawa. Let’s try to achieve this during the upcoming BearSawa 2020 event.

XII Bear & VI Fetish Camp
June 2020


fter last year’s Bear & Fetish Camp at the Polish sea we invite you to this year’s edition, which will take place for the first time in the southwestern corner of Poland. We will integrate in the area of the Opawskie Mountains, famous for from gold seams and mines. We meet in Złoty Potok resort in Pokrzywna.

Arrested Movement

Bears of Poland Calendar 2020

This calendar is a collective work of 27 bears who pushed themselves to stand in front of the camera of the amazing Anthony P. Manieri (creator of the Arrested Movement project) to show the world the diverse beauty of our Polish bear family.

English version

Under construction

Sorry, the content in English is not available yet.

Bear Weekend Łódź

Łódź You Bear?

Before the Mr. Bear Poland 2020 Finale we welcome you to Łódź! During the Second Bear Weekend in Łódź you will definitely not have time to sit. Let’s meet at the next edition of the Light Move Festival to say goodbye to the Mr. Bear Poland 2019 and give candidates the chance to start the next title to start the campaign from high C. We will walk, throw, compete, explore and have fun. Take comfortable shoes, plaid shirts and good mood!

Bear Weekend Poznań

Bears Unite × Mr. Bear Poland 2020 elections

During this weekend, outside of Mr. Bear Poland 2020 elections will also inaugurate the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Bears of Poland Association and will open a new chapter in the integration of the Bears and fetish communities from Poland and abroad.

We set off to Europe with the message „the best of Bears of Poland” showing our association and the Poznań event as a new hot spot on the European arena of Bears and fetish events.