Bears on Prides

Equality marches and prides – colorful processions – have been going by cities streets in the world since 1970. Their participants carry slogans that promote tolerance and equality for LGBT people, disabled people, foreigners, refugees and other people experiencing social exclusion.

We’ve been take part of marches in Poland for 17 years. There are more and more participants with each year, and marches are organized by more and more numbers of cities . This year there will be at least 9 of them.

  • 21th April – Łódź
  • 18th May – Konin
  • 19th May – Kraków
  • 26th May – Trójmiasto
  • 9th June – Warszawa
  • 30th June – Rzeszów
  • 7th July – Opole
  • 11th August – Poznań
  • 8th September – Katowice
  • 15th September – Szczecin
  • 29th September – Toruń
  • 6th October – Wrocław

Among the rainbow flags cannot be missing flags in shades of brown with a characteristic bear paw.

Why? Because we are a minority in the minority. Because we want to show our pride of the wonderful people we are. Because in this way, we can reach people who have not heard about us. Finally, because it is an opportunity to meet and have fun together.

That’s why we invite YOU to take part in the Equality Marches, about which we will keep you up to date.

This year’s Equality Marches for Bears are organized by the Volunteers of Bears of Poland @Bartosz Bartold, @Dariusz Bear Faliński, @Bartek Tusiewski. (look for them on facebook)