Thursday, 15/08/2019

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Plan of events

Attention: time schedule can be slightly adjusted.

10:00 - 18:00


Canoeing in Lipusz

We invite you to canoeing on the Wda river picturesquely located in Kashubia. The trip starts in Lipusz (about an hour by car from Gdańsk) and ends in Loryniec.

Trip duration is about 4 hours with a stop.

The trail is very easy even for beginners. The kayaks are for two. Depending on the number of participants, joint transport (bus hire) or own car will be organized. Each participant will also be insured. The insurance costs will also depend on the number of applicants.

10:00 - 18:00


Stogi Beach

In parallel, every day of the rally you will meet bears and supporters on the beach in Stogi. Yes, the beach is officially naturist, but don’t be afraid, no one will scold you if you stay textile. Just join the bears, enjoy the sun, water and great atmosphere. Travel on your own but our Czech friend David Pilnos, also known as Jesus, will pick you up from the meeting point and lead you to BoP screens. So if you don’t know how to get to the teddy bears … take it easy … Jesus is with you!

Remember to: take the filter, drinking water, something to eat and don’t forget to take the garbage with you when going down from the beach!

from 20:00

#grill #barbecue

WarmUp BBQ in Cafe Szafa

Maja and we will host you at Cafe Szafa – this is a new Retromaniak. But better, because in Gdansk 🙂 But seriously, this is a completely different place. Only one thing has not changed … warmth to teddy bears and a 10% discount at the bar for members of the BoP association after showing their ID card for 2019. In Cafe Szafa’s gardens there will be a new Tri-City gas grill ready to burn everything you bring with you. Formula proven for years. We provide plates, cutlery, sauces and fire. You bring what you want to put on the rack and your favorite bread. You order drinks at the bar. And there will be a special drink waiting for the occasion.