Łódź You Bear?

Bear Weekend Łódź

Sunday, 29/09/2019

In detail

Plan of Events

Attention: time schedule can be slightly adjusted.

12:00 - 14:00

Sztuka DC. Świt superbohaterów - Batman, Wonder Woman i Superman w EC1

„EC1 Łódź – City of Culture” in Łódź joined forces with DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Art Ludique – Le Musée to present „DC Art for the first time in this part of Europe. Dawn of Superheroes „- a unique exhibition that celebrates DC’s rich history, its unique mythology and such iconic characters as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Joker. The exhibition will contain nearly 200 original comic cards, about 300 preliminary sketches and conceptual graphics for films, as well as a curatorial selection of original film costumes and props.

The exhibition has so far visited Paris, London and Abu Dhabi. The historic interior of the Machine Hall in the building of the former EC1 power plant is one of the key places during the European tour of the exhibition.

We gather before 12 at EC1 at ul. Targowa 1/3, The main entrance to EC1 is from ul. Wojciech Jerzy Has. If a minimum of 15 people come – we drive to the exhibition for PLN 21 per person. If not, normal tickets will be bought for PLN 32, and reduced-price tickets * for PLN 23. Urge friends of DC fans to come to the exhibition with us. This opportunity will not happen again soon!

* reduced-rate ticket is available to children from 3 to 12 years and young people studying up to 26 years old, people over 60 years of age, disabled people and their carers

from 14:00

Farewell Lunch

But how? Already? As soon?

No, that can’t be right! And yet … Well, let’s go eat something together, wipe away tears, hug this last time before the Finale.

Soon we will find for you the best possible place to dine before leaving.

We will inform you about the details here and on the event page on FB.